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Results of the Sorare WEEK #214! Win a limited edition card of Ibrahim Sangare

Sorare WEEK #212 was a great success and we got our first reward.

In All-Star D4, players will be rewarded if their score exceeds 205~ (0.01 ETH) or 250~ (0.02 ETH).

If you have a hard time finishing in the top rankings, you may want to try participating in All-Star D4 first, aiming for an average score of 50 or higher.

You can learn more about the rewards here.

Once you get the rewards, it becomes more and more fun.

I’m completely fascinated by Sorare….

Well, I’ll be participating in Sorare WEEK #214 to get my reward this week too!

What kind of lineup will Director Himajin use for the game? It’s a test of strength.

Let’s take a look at the leagues we’ll be participating in right away.

For more information, click here⇒How to join a league in Sorare

The following are the three tournaments we will be participating in

  • Champion Europe PRO (D3)
  • All-Star (D4)
  • All-Star (D5)

I tried to join the same league as last WEEK #212, but Aklav Hakimi of Paris Saint-Germain was red-carded and won’t be able to play the next game, so I decided to join only All-Star in Division 5.

Sorare #214 Contestants

Champion Europe D3

チャンピオンヨーロッパ D3 214
  • GK: Marc Flekken (Freiburg) *Captain
  • DF: Dayo Upamecano (Bayern)
  • MF: Axel Witsel (Dortmund)
  • FW: Karim Benzema (Real Madrid)
  • Free: Breel Embolo (Borussia MG)

It’s the same lineup as last time. But I changed the captain to Marc Flecken.

The reason is that our next matchup is at home against Greuther Fürth, the lowest ranked team in the Bundesliga.

Greuther Fürth is the third worst team in the league with 6 points so far. Perhaps Marc Flecken will be able to keep a clean sheet? That’s what I expected.

GK: Marc Flekken (Freiburg) *Captain


In the previous game, they kept a clean sheet against Wolfsburg away from home.

In the next round, they will face the bottom side, Greuther Greutherfürth.

I’m sure they’ll be able to keep them scoreless!

This time, I’m naming you captain with high hopes!

DF: Dayo Upamecano (Bayern)


In WEEK 212, they scored an amazing 100 goals.

However, in the DFB Pokal Cup, he was yellow-carded and had to be replaced midway through the game due to unstable defense.

They’ll be facing Union Berlin away from home next week, but I hope they can come out of it without conceding a goal!

MF: Axel Witsel (Dortmund)


Witsel has been struggling to score for a while.

The next game is against 9th place Cologne.

Hopefully he can get an assist and record a high score.

FW: Karim Benzema (Real Madrid)


Benzema has not scored in two consecutive games against Barcelona and Onasuna.

The next game is an away match against 15th-ranked Elche.

Score a goal and aim for a high score: !!!!

Free: Breel Embolo (Borussia MG)


Although he didn’t score against Hertha in the last round, he scored two goals against Bayern in the cup game!

Next game is at home against 14th place Bochum!

Let’s get a hat trick!

That’s it for the five players in the Champion Europe PRO (D3)!

Now on to the All-Stars (D4).

All Star (D4) Players

オールスター(D4) 出場選手
  • GK: Sinan Bolat (KAA Ghent)
  • DF: Fabio Santos (Corinthians)
  • MF: Nikola Barella (Inter)
  • FW: Roger Guedes (Corinthians)
  • Free: Noussair Mazraoui (Ajax) *Captain

These are the five players who will be participating in WEEK #214 All-Star D4 this time.

One member was changed from the last WEEK #212.

Rafa was replaced by Fabio Santos.

I think Fabio Santos and Roger Guedes are the key players for WEEK #214.

The reason is that they’ll be playing at home against bottom-ranked Chapecoense!

The bottom team in the league, Chapecoense, has won only one of their 28 games so far. They have scored 49 goals, the worst in the league.

This is a chance to get a high score, right? That’s why I’ve selected these two players. Of course, we are aiming for a high score.

The captain of the team is Noussair Mazraoui (Ajax), who has scored the fewest goals in the league. There’s no room for change here.

GK: Sinan Bolat (KAA Ghent)


In the last game, he did a great job to keep Genk scoreless with a score of 73.

Next up is a tough game against the first place Royal Union Sangiroise, but I’m hoping for another clean sheet in this game!

DF:Fabio Santos (Corinthians)

Fábio Santos_rarecard

In the last game, he scored a penalty kick at the end of the game to make the score 70.

He scored 70 in the last game.

I hope he can keep them scoreless and get a high score!

MF:Nicola Barella (Inter)


After a poor performance against Juventus, he scored 66 against Napoli in the previous game.

Next up is a home match against 14th-ranked Udinese! Let’s aim for a high score by being the starting point for goals!

FW:Roger Guedes (Corinthians)


He scored 74 goals in the last game.

In the next round, they will face the bottom team, Chapecoense. Chapecoense has the worst goals-against average in the league, so I hope they can score more than one goal and get a high score of 100!

DF: Noussair Mazraoui (Ajax)


Noussair Mazraoui has a consistent average score of 64 in his five matches.

The strongest team in the league, Ajax, has scored the fewest goals in the league so far, so there is no room for concern.

He’s been named captain again, and I hope he does well!

All Star (D5) Players

オールスター(D5) 出場選手
  • GK: Justin Bijulow (Feyenoord)
  • DF:Jurrien Timber(Ajax)*Captain
  • MF: Yuori Tielemans (Leicester City)
  • FW: Junya Ito (Genk)
  • Free: Jan Vertonghen (Benfica)

He was supposed to play in Challenge Europe D5 and Champion Europe D5 like last time, but Achraf Hakimi of Paris Saint-Germain was sent off with a red card in the previous game, so he is suspended for this game.

So, in WEEK #214, we focused on the All-Star D5 only.

The rest of the players will participate in training.

WEEK #214 participated in the above three leagues.

Good luck to everyone again this time~!

See you soon!



Results of Sorare WEEK #214

Champion Europe D3 Results

チャンピオンヨーロッパ D3の結果
  • GK: Marc Flecken (Freiburg) *Captain: 52.5
  • DF: Dayo Upamecano (Bayern): 74.3
  • MF: Axel Witsel (Dortmund): 66.9
  • FW: Karim Benzema (Real Madrid): 0
  • Free Flight: Blair Embolo (Borussia MG): 57.4

GK: Marc Flecken (Freiburg) *Captain: 52.5

One goal against Greuther Fürth. The score was sluggish and ended at 52.

DF: Dayo Upamecano (Bayern): 74.3

This is a high score for a midfielder. That’s Upamecano.

MF: Axel Witsel (Dortmund): 66.9

He played well as a full-time starter, but his score of 53 was not good enough.

FW: Karim Benzema (Real Madrid): 0

Didn’t expect to be called up. Seems to have taken a rest to recover from the fatigue of consecutive games.

Free: Blair Embolo (Borussia MG): 57.4

He played a full game as a starter but failed to score a goal, and his score was a sluggish 46.

Result: 273rd place out of 496 players

Did not get the reward.

All Star D4 Results

  • GK: Sinan Bolat (KAA Gent): 37.5
  • DF: Fabio Santos (Corinthians): 73.4
  • MF: Nicolò Barella (Inter): 69.8
  • FW: Roger Guedes (Corinthians): 98.4
  • Free: Noussair Mazraoui (Ajax) *Captain:0

GK: Sinan Bolat (KAA Ghent):37.5

We couldn’t stop the onslaught of Royal Union Saint-Gilles and scored two goals.

The score is not going to get any better…

DF: Fabio Santos (Corinthians): 73.4

As expected, a good performance against the lowest ranked team in Chapecoense.

A high score of 70.

MF: Nicolò Barella (Inter): 69.8

A good performance against Udinese. He had a couple of good chances, and if he had scored, he could have scored over 90.

FW: Roger Guedes (Corinthians): 98.4

One goal against Chapecoense in the closing minutes!

High score of 93.

Free: Noussair Mazraoui(Ajax) *Captain: 0

No way he’s sick….

Let’s hope he doesn’t have corona.

Result: 2002th place out of 12504 players

Total 278 points, got 0.02 ETH!

All Star D5 Results

オールスター D5の結果
  • GK: Justin Bijlow (Feyenoord): 79
  • DF: Jurriën Timber (Ajax) *Captain: 102.8
  • MF: Yuori Tielemans (Leicester City): 68.7
  • FW: Junya Ito (Genk): 106.5
  • Free: Jan Vertonghen (Benfica): 57.5

GK: Justin Bijlow (Feyenoord): 79

High score of 74 with a clean sheet.

DF: Jurriën Timber (Ajax) *Captain: 102.8

Despite not winning the game, he played a full game and scored a high of 81.

MF: Yuori Tielemans (Leicester City): 68.7

Despite the loss to Arsenal, Thielemans played a key role in the game from start to finish, scoring 65.

FW: Junya Ito (Genk): 106.5

One goal and two assists for a high score of 100!

Free: Jan Vertonghen (Benfica): 57.5

He allowed one goal to Estoril and scored 54 goals.

Result: 24th place out of 12,294 players

We got a Tier 1 card!

Get Ibrahim Sangare’s limited card!


As a reward for 24th place in Tier 1, I got a limited card of Ibrahim Sangare, who plays for PSV.

He’s only 23 years old, but he’s always been a staple in the Eredivisie, and he looks like a player that could be a force to be reckoned with!

We’re going to have to take full advantage of him now, hoping to get back on top!

Now, let’s look forward to Sorare WEEK #215, which is currently underway!

Let’s see if we can get another reward!

See you soon!


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