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Sorare GW #224! Kaoru Mitoma, Josep Martínez, Julian Brandt, and Leon Klassen have been reinforced.

The second present project is underway!

Hi there.

This is Hima Jin.

In the last Sorare GW #223, I didn’t get the reward…

Since Mike Maignan of AC Milan came back, Tătărușanu can’t play anymore…. I’m not sure if I should sell him as I feel that DNP will continue.

It looks like I’m in urgent need of goalkeeper reinforcements to replace Tătărușanu.

Sold my limited cards.

I sold some limited cards this week as well.

MF: Ibrahim Sangare (PSV)


I sold Ibrahim Sangare, who I got as a reward from Sorare GW #214.

Sold him for 0.1322 ETH ($603).

The proceeds from the sale will be used to reinforce players.

This week’s reinforcements

GK: Josep Martínez (Leipzig)

Josep Martínez

We are thin at GK, so we reinforced Josep Martínez from Leipzig.

He started against Club Brugge in the 5th round of the Champions League, and followed it up with a start against Leverkusen.

I hope he can replace Peter Gracie as the regular goalkeeper.

He is still only 23 years old, so I have high hopes for him in the future.

MF: Julian Brandt (Dortmund)


Dortmund’s midfielder Julian Brandt has been reinforced.

He has played in 10 league games so far and has been a key player in our second place finish in the league.

My team has midfielders such as Nikola Barella and Takefusa Kubo from Inter Milan, but depending on the team situation, I may be able to use him as the main midfielder.

FW: Kaoru Mitoma (Royal Union Sangiroise)


Kaoru Mitoma, a forward from the Royal Union Sangiroise, has been added to the squad.

has been reinforced. His recent activities have been remarkable.

In my team, Daan Rots was the only forward who could be used in Challenge Europe (Rare), but he has been struggling to score.

I’m hoping that Mitoma can replace Daan Rots

If he returns to Brighton, the price of his card will go up.

DF: Leon Klassen (WSG Swarovski Tirol)


We have added defender Leon Klassen from WSG Swarovski Tirol.

I don’t know much about the player, so I don’t know how he will perform, but he is only 21 years old, so I will let him play for the Under-23s.

Back to the topic at hand, let’s get right into the Sorare GW #224.

Sorare guide is here

Sorare GW #224 Rare Card Players

Challenge Europe D4 Players

sorare224チャレンジヨーロッパ D4 出場選手
  • GK: Sinan Bolat (KAA Ghent)
  • DF: Marcel Tisserand (Fenerbahce)
  • MF:Abdülkadir Ömür (Trabzonspor) *Captain
  • FW: Kaoru Mitoma (Royal Union)
  • Free: Weigl (Benfica)

GK: Sinan Bolat (KAA Ghent)


In the next round, they will play away to 13th place Leuven.

I’ve been able to play in all the games, but I haven’t been able to make a good showing and the score hasn’t gone up.

I hope he can make a big save and get a high score in the next game.

DF:Marcel Tisserand (Fenerbahce)


In the next round, they will be playing at home against bottom ranked Rizespor.

Their average score in the last five games has been a sluggish 37, but they will surely win the next game.

I hope they can keep it scoreless and record a high score.

MF: Abdülkadir Ömür (Trabzonspor) *Captain


The next game is at home against 9th place Adana Demirspor.

If he plays, Omul has a pretty high chance of scoring a high score.

I’ve appointed him as captain with high expectations.

FW: Kaoru Mitoma (Royal Union)


Kaoru Mitoma is a promising star of Japan.

In the next round, they will play Sint-Troyden, the 11th ranked team, away from home.

I’m looking forward to the Japanese matchup.

I expect him to score a goal again this time.

Free: Weigl (Benfica)


The score was 100 in the previous game against Berenices.

In the next game, they will face second place Spalding at home.

I think it will be a tough game, but I hope they can record 100 for the second consecutive game.

Champions Europe D4 Players

sorare224チャンピオンヨーロッパ D4 出場選手
  • GK: Mark Flekken (Freiburg)
  • DF: Dayot Upamecano (Bayern) *Captain
  • MF:Julian Brandt (Dortmund)
  • FW: Karim Benzema (Real Madrid)
  • Free: Manuel Akanji (Dortmund)

GK: Mark Flekken (Freiburg)


Next up is an away match against 11th place Borussia MG.

After losing to Bayern, Freiburg has lost three games in a row, but I hope they can get a win to start their recovery.

Let’s aim for a clean sheet.

DF: Dayot Upamecano (Bayern) *Captain


The next game is an away match against second-place Dortmund.

If you play in the match, you have a high probability of scoring high.

It will be a direct confrontation with Dortmund, and he will play an active role in this game as well.

I appoint him as captain.

MF: Julian Brandt (Dortmund)


The next game is at home against first place Bayern.

Dortmund hasn’t won against Bayern for almost two years.

It will be a tough match, but I expect a high score.

FW: Karim Benzema (Real Madrid)


The next game is away to third-place Sociedad.

Benzema has scored in three consecutive games, including the Champions League.

He’s scored in three straight games, including the Champions League, and I’m sure he’ll score again in this one!

Free: Manuel Akanji (Dortmund)


Next up is an away game against first place Bayern.

It’s going to be tough to contain Bayern’s attackers, but hopefully Julian Brandt and Co.

Under 23 players

sorare224 Under23 出場選手
  • GK: Josep Martínez (Leipzig)
  • DF: Leon Klassen (WSG Swarovski Tirol)
  • MF:Takefusa Kubo (Mallorca) *Captain
  • FW: Daan Rots (Twente)
  • Free: Luka Sucic (Salzburg)

GK:Josep Martínez (Leipzig)

Josep Martínez

Next up is an away match against 6th place Union Berlin.

Let’s hope he starts again this week!

I hope he will play as a regular goalkeeper for Leipzig.

DF: Leon Klassen (WSG Swarovski Tirol)


In the next round, they will play at home against 4th place Klagenfurt.

They scored 93 in the previous game, so let’s hope they can start again this time!

MF: Takefusa Kubo (Mallorca) *Captain

Takefusa Kubo

Kubo returned to action for the first time in two months in the last game against Getafe.

The next game is an away match against second-place Atletico Madrid.

It’s going to be a tough match, but I’m hoping for a resurgent goal!

FW: Daan Rots (Twente)


Next up is an away game against 8th place Go Ahead.

Dan Lutz has been struggling to score.

I hope he can play for us once in a while!

Free: Luka Sucic (Salzburg)


The next game is at home against 6th place Hultberg.

Luka Sucic is also struggling to score.

I hope he will explode soon.

All Star D4 Players

sorare224オールスター D4 出場選手
  • GK: Ciprian Tătărușanu (AC Milan)
  • DF: Fabio Santos (Corinthians)
  • MF:Nicolò Barella (Inter)
  • FW:Roger Guedes (Corinthians) *Captain
  • Free: Rafa Silva (Benfica)

GK: Ciprian Tătărușanu (AC Milan)


Ciprian Tătărușanu is losing his position as the regular goalkeeper with the return of Mike Maignan.

In the next round, they will face bottom ranked Salernitana at home.

He’s 35 years old, so it’s going to be difficult for him to take the regular goalkeeper’s spot, but I hope he plays….

DF: Fabio Santos (Corinthians)

Fábio Santos_rarecard

There are only two more games left in the Brasileiro Serie A season.

The next game is at home against 18th place Gremio.

Gremio is in the relegation zone, and I expect them to be desperate for points, but I hope they can keep it scoreless.

MF: Nicolò Barella (Inter)


Nicolò Barella was absent from the last game against Spezia.

In the next round, they will face Roma, the 5th place team, away from home.

Nicolò Barella has not been able to score well, but we expect him to score 50 or more.

FW: Roger Guedes (Corinthians) *Captain


Like Fabio Santos, he will face 18th place Gremio at home in the next round.

Gremio is in the relegation zone, and they will be pushing hard to get a point.

So there will be some gaps in their defense.

Roger Guedes smells like he can score. So, I appoint him as the captain.

Sorare GW #224 Limited Card Players

All Star D5 Players

Sorare GW 224オールスターD5
  • GK: Anthony Lopes (Lyon)
  • DF: Vertonghen (Benfica)
  • MF: Kasper Nielsen (Royal Union)
  • FW: Markus Pink (Klagenfurt) *Captain
  • Free: Kerim Mrabti (Mechelen)

These are the five players who will participate in Sorare GW #224, All Star D5.

These are the players who will participate in Sorare GW 224.

Can you get your card reward?

Let’s get excited about this weekend on sorare!

See you later!


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