Sorare 2022 Compensation

I have been working with Sorare for about 4 months now.

In this article, I would like to disclose my earnings for the year 2022.

I hope it will be helpful for those who want to start Sorare.

Sorare January 2022 Earnings

Etherim Reward

0.02 ETH

There was only one Ethereum reward…no wonder there were so few games in January…

In February, we have the Champions League and Europa League, so there will be more chances.

Card Rewards

Edgaras Utkus


Earned Edgaras Utkus from Cercle Brugge by finishing 36th in Sorare Week 234 U-23 D4.



Earned Evanilson, a member of Porto, by finishing 4th in Sorare Week 236 U-23 D4.

Keidi Bare


Sorare Week 238 Earned Keidi Bare of Espanyol by finishing 83rd in U-23 D4.

These are the rewards for January 2022.

We have been competing mainly in U-23 with young players, and we finished in 4th place.

We were not able to reach 3rd place, but it was encouraging to record our highest ranking so far.

In February, we will be competing mainly with the U-23 team as well, and we will aim for a top 3 finish.

Sorare February 2022 Compensation

Etherim Reward

0.06 ETH

Three ethereal rewards.

The probability of getting a reward has increased from January.

Card Rewards

Juan Francisco Moreno


Sorare GW 246 All Star D4 placed 684th and won Juan Francisco Moreno from Aranyaspor.

Sergino Dest.


Sorare GW 246 Champion Europe D4, placing 33rd, won Desto, who belongs to Barcelona.

Bouna Sarr


Sorare GW 247 Champion Europe D4, finishing 81st and winning the Buna Saal for Bayern.

Christoph Baumgartner


Sorare GW 24 Champion Europe D4, 61st place, Christoph Baumgartner from Hoffenheim.

These are the rewards for February 2022.

We received more cards than in January. Now that we are getting cards on a regular basis, we hope to do even better in March.

Sorare March 2022 Compensation

Etherim Reward

0.27 ETH

GW #254 placed 3rd in the Asia SR category and got 0.2 ETH. After all, it is a great pleasure to finish in the top 3.

Thanks to this, the ETH reward has increased a lot.

Card Rewards

Sergej Milinković-Savić


Sergej Milinkovic-Savic of Lazio won 13th place in Champion Europe D4 at Sorare GW #250.

This is the most expensive card reward so far. I guess that the level of the card goes up a lot when you win a high ranking in the Champion Europe.

Luca Ranieri


Luca Ranieri, a member of Salernitana, placed 187th in U-23 D4 in Sorare GW #252.

Carlos Cuesta


Sorare GW #253 placed 51st in U-23 D4 and won the card of Carlos Cuesta, a Colombian national team member from Henk.

Lee Han-Bum

Lee Han-Bum

Lee Han-Bum, a member of FC Seoul in the Korean K-League competition, placed 3rd in the CHAMPION ASIA SUPER RARE division in Sorare GW #254.

This is his first SR card reward and his happiness is exceptional.

Willian José.

Willian José

128th place in the CHAMPION EUROPE RARE division in Sorare GW #254, and won Willian José, who belongs to Betis.

These are the rewards for March.

We have been able to consistently win card rewards, so we will continue to aim for high rankings in April as well.