Sorare2021 earnings will be released.

It’s been about a month since I started Sorare.

I’ve kind of learned how to use it, and now I’m finally starting to get some rewards.

Once again, I’ve realized that Sorare is a game that can really be enjoyed by soccer lovers.

In this article, I’ll show you my earnings from Sorare month by month.

Sorare October Earnings

Etherim Reward

0.02 ETH

I was able to get 0.02 ETH by recording a total score of 349 in All-Star Division 4 of Sorare Week 212.

Although the amount of the reward was small, I was quite happy as it was my first reward.

Card Rewards

Will Bruin

Will Bruin

Will Bruin is a former U.S. representative for the Seattle Sounders.

He finished in 311th place in the All-Star Division 4 of Sorare Week 212 and was able to get a Tier 3 player.

Mario Sonleitner.


Sonleitner is a member of Hultberg in the Austrian Bundesliga.

He finished in 241st place in Sorare Week 212‘s Challenge Europe D5, and was able to get a Tier 3 player.

That’s it for October’s reward content.

In October, I was so busy reinforcing my players and learning how to use Sorare that I couldn’t think about strategy at all, and just did my best to participate in the games.

Now that I’ve been able to reinforce my players to a certain extent, I’d like to work harder in November for even more rewards.

So I’ll see you again in the November earnings release!


Sorare November Earnings

Ethereum Reward

0.12 ETH

I was able to earn Ethereum rewards consistently in November.

I will continue to target Ethereum rewards in December.

Card Rewards

Matisse Samoise.


I got a Tier 3 Matisse Samoise (KAA Ghent) in Sorare WEEK #216.

Marcel Tisserand.


Get Tier 3 Marcel Tisserand (Fenerbahce) in Sorare WEEK #222.

Ibrahim Sangare


Get the Tier 1 Ibrahim Sangare (PSV) in Sorare WEEK #214.

Markus Pink

Get the Tier 2 Markus Pink (Klagenfurt) in Sorare WEEK #215.

Kerim Mrabti


Get the Tier 2 Kerim Mrabti (KV Mechelen) in Sorare WEEK #216.

Aleksandr Selikhov


Get the Tier 2 Aleksandr Selikhov (Spartak Moscow) in Sorare WEEK #220.

I was able to get card rewards regularly in November.

It’s not easy to get a top prize. Once again, I was made to realize how difficult it is to predict soccer.

I was able to reinforce some players this month, so I’d like to try my best to get card rewards above Tier 1 in December.

See you again in the December earnings reveal!