What players should not be bought by Sorare? My Personal Thoughts

I’ve been using Sorare for a week now.

I’ve learned how to use the site to a certain extent, but I still have no idea which players to buy.

I thought I liked soccer, but I don’t know many of the players and I keep getting lost.

At first, I just wanted to participate in the Global All-Star game, so I bought all the players with scores over 50 without knowing anything about them.

I don’t know if this is the right or wrong way to buy, as it depends on the success of the player, but I felt like I would lose a lot of money if I kept buying like this, so now I make sure to check the Sorare data to see if there is a player I want to buy.

Don’t buy such players!

It’s been a week since I started using Sorare, and I’d like to talk about some of the things I’ve thought, “Personally, you shouldn’t buy these players! I’d like to talk about what I personally think.

As I mentioned earlier, I bought a limited card to participate in the last Global All-Star D5.

However, with this limited card, I could only participate in the lower ranked games.

If I wanted to participate in higher ranked games, I would need a higher ranked card than the limited card.

So I bought a few rare card players, and the only thing I needed was a GK.

So I quickly decided to search for goalkeepers on Sorare auctions.

Search for goalkeepers on Sorare Auctions


Sorare → New Card Auctions → Select Position(GK) → Filter by Rare Cards.

Then I found a young player with a high score (57)!

South Korea national team player Song Beom-Geun (Jeonbuk Hyundai)

He is only 23 years old and has a high score, so he is priced at $1.299, but I wanted to get him.

Song Beom-Geun’s average 5-game score

  • Gangwon FC: 66
  • Incheon United: 65
  • Gwangju FC: 36
  • Suwon Samsung Bluewings: 72
  • BG Pathum United FC: 44

I’ve been able to consistently start, which is not bad.

Furthermore, Jeonbuk Hyundai is battling for the top spot in the league, and they have the lowest number of goals conceded in the league at 30.

Jeonbuk Hyundai is currently in second place.


My desire to get them is even greater.

So, I took a look at the Sorare data for the past year and looked at the auction prices.

Check Song Beom Geun’s market price with Sorare data.

Song Bum-Keun_soraredate

At its peak in April of this year, it was sold for 1.549 ETH, and after this peak, the price has now dropped to 0.341 ETH.

It’s the same mentality as with virtual currency, buy it while it’s cheap and it’ll go up in value later. I’m only 23 years old, and I feel that the value will rise.

I couldn’t help but feel like I was going out of fashion, and without thinking, I placed a bid.

Bidding on Song Beom-geun


The price was 0.330 ETH.

The reason was simple.

  • I want a GK.
  • Korea national team
  • Still 23 years old
  • Highest score
  • Lowest goals conceded in the league

I bid on the spur of the moment because I wanted a rare card goalkeeper to participate in the Global All-Star D4.

If I can bid like this, I’ll get a promising young Korean player!

With that in mind, I was looking forward to winning the bid.

But then…

I realized later.

How many more games are there in the Korean League?

I took a look at the K-League schedule.

The K-League was almost over!


The league matches were almost over, with only a few postponed games left.


What happens to the player cards when the league is over? I thought, so I hurried to check.

It seems that player cards cannot be used during the period when there are no games after the league is over.


That’s ridiculous!


How could it be that the cards I had bought to participate in the games would soon become unusable?

Oh no! I’ve just placed a bid.

Of course I can’t cancel…

Oh no, I must have done something wrong. I was thinking.


But then, someone else bid on it, and I narrowly escaped the danger… Of course, I won’t follow him.

Huh…that was a close call….

Of course, waiting until next season might be one way to go, but I personally believe that Sorare is useless without participating in the games.

If a player moves on, the card is no longer available, and that’s too risky.

If others didn’t bid, it would have been a complete waste of treasure.


I’m sure there are many people who are just starting to play Sorare.

Especially if you’re Japanese, you’re probably familiar with the J-League and want to get cards of J-League players.

However, the J-League is already in its final stages.

You may not be able to use the cards you bought.
Of course, once the J-League starts, you will be able to use them as usual.

If you want to start playing Sorare!

If you want to participate in as many games as possible every week, I recommend you buy players from the Europa League, which has just started!

That’s all.

So far, I’ve said a lot of great things, but this is just my subjective opinion.

I think it’s one way to enjoy the game to get the cards of your favorite players, so please consider this as a reference.

I’m also a complete amateur.

See you soon!


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