Global All Star

I’ve got 5 limited cards and I’ve joined Global All Star D5.

I started playing Fantasy Soccer Sorare this week.

I’ve been looking at the site whenever I have time, but I can’t understand it at all because it’s written in English.

I tried to translate it into Japanese using Google, but it was still hard to understand because of the ambiguous expressions.

At first, I tried to join a league, but the free card I received upon registration would only let me join the Starter League Rookie League.

In order to get the rewards of Ethereum and cards, you need to join a higher league.

In addition, to join the higher leagues, you need cards called limited cards, rare cards, super rare cards, and unique cards.

The value of the cards increases in the following order: Limited Card ⇒ Rare Card ⇒ Super Rare Card ⇒ Super Rare Card ⇒ Unique Card.

Of course, you can’t buy expensive unique cards right from the start, so I decided to start by collecting limited cards.

The first card I bought was Junya Ito, a member of the Jupiler Pro League (Belgium).

Getting Junya Itoh’s limited card through auction

伊東純也リミテッドカードJunya Itoh (FW) is well known in the Japanese national team.

He has been consistently active since moving from Kashiwa Reysol in the J-League to Genk in Belgium.

Average of the last five games

The average of the last five games is a high 68 points.

The average of his last five games is 68, which is high.

The winning bid price was 0.167 ETH = about 55,000 yen.

That’s a lot of money… I guess that’s how much a good player costs.

I’m going to lose my sense of money.

The next player I bought was Aklav Hakimi.

Aklav Hakimi’s limited edition card at auction!


Moroccan national team player Akhlaf Hakimi (DF) moved from Inter Milan to Paris Saint-Germain this season.

He has both Spanish and Moroccan citizenship and chooses to play for Morocco.

Although he is only 22 years old, he has moved from Real Madrid to Dortmund to Inter Milan to Paris Saint-Germain.

Average of the last 5 games


The average of the last five games is a high 55 points.

In the win over Lyon at home, he played in the middle of the game and lost a lot of points, but then in the game against Metz, he started and scored two goals, and after that he continued to start and gained a lot of points.

The winning bid price was 0.212 ETH = about 80,000 yen.

As I expected, the price was high because he is a promising young player.

I fought until the end to get it in the auction.

However, there is a high possibility that these young stocks will grow, so I will continue to actively buy them even if they are a little expensive.

The next one I bought was Tassos Davicus.

I got a Tassos-Duvicus limited card at an auction.

タソス・ドゥヴィカスのリミテッドカードI had never heard of him before.

He is a Greek national team player who plays for Utrecht in the Eredivisie (Netherlands).

His age is 21 years old.

He has scored 4 goals in 8 games this season.

He has been a consistent starter and is ranked 3rd in the Eredivisie.

His average points tally in the last five games is 63.

Average of the last 5 games

タソス・ドゥヴィカスアベレージポイントThe average points from the last five games is also high at 63.

The winning bid price is 0.097 ETH = about 37,000 yen.

He is one of the players to keep an eye on. If he becomes the top scorer, will he be able to sell his cards at a high price?

Let’s not get our hopes up and look forward to it.

The next player I bought was Antony Lopez.

Get Antony Lopez’s limited card at auction!

アントニー・ロペスのリミテッドカードAntony Lopes is a Portuguese goalkeeper who plays for Lyon in Ligue 1 (France).

He is 31 years old, which makes him a bit of a veteran.

He is 31 years old, which makes him a bit of a veteran, but I didn’t mind and bid for him because age doesn’t matter much for a goalkeeper. Stability is more important than youth, so he is just right.

But I’m a little concerned about the fact that they are 10th in the league standings and have scored so many goals.

Hopefully he can continue to be a stable and full-time starter.

Average of the last five games

アントニー・ロペスのアベレージポイントThe average points is also high at 56.

The winning bid was 0.185 ETH = about 71,000 yen.

It seems expensive, but I bought it on the spur of the moment.

Here, I realized that I hadn’t bought a MF.

I had to buy a MF to be able to play, so I bought Casper Nielsen.

Casper Nielsen’s limited card at auction!

カスパー・ニールセンのリミテッドカードHe is a Dane who plays for Royal Union Saint-Giroise in the Jupiler League (Belgium).

He used to be a member of the national team when he was young (U-16 to U-21), but he doesn’t seem to be selected for the national team now. Well, there’s Eriksen, isn’t there?

He is 27 years old.

Average points in the last five games

カスパー・ニールセンのアベレージポイントHe has a high average of 59 points.

He seems to be a constant starter, and if he doesn’t get injured, we can expect a lot from him.

The winning bid price was 0.022 ETH = about 8,500 yen.

After battling it out until the end, I wanted a midfielder with high points, so I selflessly got him.

Now that I had five players, I immediately registered for Global All Star D5.

Registered to play in Global All Star D5

Global All Star D5_02
  • GK: Antony Lopez
  • DF: Aklav Hakimi
  • MF: Casper Nielsen
  • FW: Junya Itoh (captain)
  • Extra: Tasos Douvikas

Registration is complete, naming Junya Ito as captain.

I still don’t really understand the rules, and I can’t even predict what will happen.

However, I bought about 250,000 yen for my first experience with blockchain games.

So I want it to produce results.

Or else…I’ll cry.

This game (Sorare) is going to make me lose my financial sense.

If I find a card of a player I want, I’ll fight for it without restraint.

I have to be moderate.

But I have a feeling I’m going to be hooked.

Hmmm. I wonder what will happen.

Well, I guess I’ll just wait for the results.

Balance so far

-0.683 ETH = (about) 251,500 yen

Price of Ethereum as of October 4 = about 374,598 yen


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