Global All Star D4

Sorare WEEK #218: Buy 3 young Salzburg players!

Hello there.

This is Director Hima Jin.

In last week’s Sorare WEEK #216, we got our rewards.

  • Champion Europe Pro D3: no reward
  • All Star D4: 0.02 ETH (no card)
  • Challenge Europe D4: Tier 2 Rare card
  • Champion Europe D5: No reward
  • Challenge Europe D5: Tier 3 Limited card

At this rate, we hope to get the rewards again this time.

You can read more about how to start playing sorare here.

But first, we’ve added some new players this week.

This week’s player reinforcements

We are reinforcing our squad for the coming season.

We are targeting players from Salzburg, who have a reputation for developing young players.

Salzburg are famous for producing some of the best players in the world, including Dortmund’s Erling Haaland, Liverpool’s Sadio Mane, Nabi Keita, Takumi Minamino, Bayern’s Dayo Upamecano and Leicester City’s Patson Daka.

The average age of the players in the squad is young and many have the potential to move on to bigger or mid-table clubs. We are therefore looking to strengthen our squad with players from Salzburg.

I have decided not to buy Adeyemi, Okafor and other players who are currently playing in the league and other competitions, because they are already in the starting line-up and the price of their cards has skyrocketed.

So I’ve decided not to buy them because the price of the cards has gone up and I’m looking for players who are still on the bench.

I’m sure that if the players who are starting now move on, it will be the subs who will be next in line. So the plan is to buy them cheaply while they are still available.

I think we will see in a year or two whether this strategy is a good thing or a bad thing.

Let’s wait and see!

Let’s have a look at the players we’ve added.

DF: Kilian Ludewig (Salzburg)


Kilian Ludewig is a 21 year old German who plays for Salzburg.

He’s only played one league game so far this season, but we’re sure he’ll make his mark next season.

He is priced at 0.03 ETH and we hope that his price will rise.

MF: Luka Susic (Salzburg)


Luka Sucic is a Croatian international who plays for Salzburg.

He is only 18 years old but has already made 12 league appearances for the Croatian national team this season.

His price is 0.222 ETH, which is a bit high for a player who is already active, but we have added him because of his potential.

Goalkeeper: Nico Mantl (Salzburg)


Nico Mantl is a 21 year old German who plays for Salzburg.

As Salzburg’s second-choice goalkeeper, he often warms the bench, but he is sure to be a starter once regular goalkeeper Philipp Kane moves on.

He is priced at 0.173 ETH, and we hope that his price will rise in the future.

That’s it for the reinforcements.

Back to the main topic, let’s have a look at the players who will participate in Sorare Week #218.

Sorare WEEK #218 Rare Card Players

This week is the national team week, with the Qatar World Cup qualifiers taking place in many countries.

All Star D4 players

  • GK: Gianluigi Donnarumma (Italy)
  • DF: Fabio Santos (Corinthians)
  • MF: Nicolò Barella (Italy)
  • FW: Roger Guedes (Corinthians)
  • Free: Karim Benzema (France) *Captain

These are the five players who will take part in the Sorare WEEK #218 All-Star D4.

GK: Gianluigi Donnarumma (Italy)


We have chosen Gianluigi Donnarumma from Italy as our goalkeeper.

The other options were Sinan Bolat from Turkey and Mark Flekken from the Netherlands, but I chose Donnarumma because he was the most likely to start.

It’s a common card, but you have to be able to start, so I think it was the right choice.

We will be playing against the Swiss national team and I hope we can keep a clean sheet.

DF: Fabio Santos (Corinthians)

Fábio Santos_rarecard

My choice for defence is Fabio Santos of Corinthians, who will play against 11th-placed Cuiaba in the Brazilian league.

We could have chosen French international Dayot Upamecano, but he is unlikely to start for the national team, so we chose Fabio Santos.

After all, it is important to choose a player who is likely to start.

MF: Nicolò Barella (Italy)


For midfielder, I chose the Italian national team’s Nicolò Barella.

We could have chosen Portugal’s Rafa Silva or Croatia’s Luka Susic, but I think Nicolò Barella is the most likely to start.

Like Donnarumma, he’ll be up against the Swiss! Let’s hope he does well.

FW: Roger Guedes (Corinthians)


We’ve chosen Corinthians’ Roger Guedes to play against 11th-placed Cuiaba in the Brazilian league.

Here’s hoping he scores against Cuiaba!

Free: Karim Benzema (France) *Captain


Our final free agent is Karim Benzema.

I hope he can score against Kazakhstan, the lowest ranked team in the World Cup qualifiers!

I’ve elected him captain with high hopes! Good luck Benzema!

That’s the list of players for the All-Star D4.

I’m hoping for 0.02 ETH again this time!

Sorare WEEK #218 Limited Card Players

All Star D5 Players

Sorare WEEK #218 リミテッドカード出場選手
  • GK: Justin Bijlow (Netherlands)
  • DF: Vertonghen (Belgium)
  • MF: Yuri Tielemans (Belgium), captain
  • FW: Thasos Douvikas (Greece)
  • Free: Salemarkers (Belgium)

These are the five players who will take part in the Sorare WEEK #218 – All-Star D5.

Goalkeeper: Justin Bijlow (Netherlands)


The Dutch goalkeeper is Justin Bijlow.

In the final qualifying round of the World Cup, they will face fourth-placed Montenegro.

They are away from home, but I hope they will manage to keep a clean sheet.

DF: Vertonghen (Belgium)


My choice for defence is Belgium’s Vertonghen.

The other option was to choose Jurriën Timber from the Dutch national team, but I selected Vertonghen because he doesn’t start many games for the Dutch national team.

In the last qualifying round of the World Cup we will play at home against Estonia, who are in fourth place.

I hope we can keep them scoreless!

Midfielder: Yuori Tielemans (Belgium), captain


Our choice for midfielder is Yuori Tielemans from the Belgium national team.

The other option was Brendan Aaronson from the US national team, but I chose Thielemans because he doesn’t start many games for the US national team.

Along with Vertonghen, I hope he can lead the Belgians to victory!

FW: Anastasios Douvikas (Greece)


We have chosen Greece’s Anastasios Douvikas as our forward.

We could have chosen Kerim Mrabti from Sweden, but we think he is more likely to play.

Let’s hope he gets a start first!

Free: Salemakers (Belgium)


We have chosen Belgium’s Salemarkers as a free agent.

He hasn’t had a lot of action in the league, but we hope he can make a difference in the national team.

First of all, let’s hope he gets a starting place!

For the All-Star D5, we’re looking forward to the Belgian trio.

That’s it for the players of Sorare WEEK 218!

Let’s have a great weekend with the national team!

See you soon!




Results of Sorare WEEK #218

All-Star D4 results

Sorare WEEK #218の結果オールスターD4
  • GK: Gianluigi Donnarumma (Italy): 19.9
  • DF: Fabio Santos (Corinthians): 0
  • MF: Nicolò Barella (Italy): 31.1
  • FW: Roger Guedes (Corinthians): 88.1
  • Free: Karim Benzema (France) *Captain: 97.8

Result: 872nd place out of 6979 players

Total score 236 with 0.01 ETH

I managed to score over 200 and get the minimum 0.01 ETH.

After all, national team week is difficult to predict…

I didn’t expect French centre-back Varane to be out of the squad… And Kimbempe is also out injured. Because of this, Upamecano will start. It was a frustrating week for us, as we could have scored more than 250 if we had checked properly and used Upamecano as a starter.

All Star D5 results

Sorare WEEK #218の結果オールスターD5
  • GK: Justin Bijlow (Netherlands): 44.4
  • DF: Vertonghen (Belgium): 83.6
  • MF: Yuri Tielemans (Belgium), captain: 0
  • FW: Thasos Douvikas (Greece): 44.4
  • Free: Salemarkers (Belgium): 34.2

Result: 1260th place out of 9365 players

No reward

Well… this one is out of the question…

Thielemans’ absence was unexpected.

Representative week is difficult to predict…

I’ll do my best next time!

See you soon!


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