Global All Star D4

Sorare WEEK #216! We have reinforced AC Milan’s Ciprian Tătărușanu (GK)!

Good afternoon.

It’s another boring day at the office of Director Himazin.

We’ve managed to get some rewards in this week’s Sorare WEEK #215.

  • All Star D4: 0.02 ETH (no card)
  • Champion Europe D5: No reward
  • Challenge Europe D5: Tier 3 Limited card

We managed to get our minimum goal of 0.02 ETH. In addition, it looks like I will get one tier 3 player in Challenge Europe D5. I don’t know which card I’ll get yet, but I’ll probably sell it depending on the player, as I can’t afford any more limited cards.

You can find more information on how to get started with sorare here.

Now back to the topic at hand, we will be participating in Sorare WEEK 216 this week.

But first, let’s start with this week’s reinforcements.

This week’s additions

GK: Ciprian Tătărușanu (AC Milan)

Due to a lack of goalkeepers in our squad, we have brought in a new goalkeeper, Ciprian Tătărușanu (AC Milan). He is currently second in the league with 10 goals conceded in 11 games, the second best record in the league.

I really wanted to buy a card of the Ajax player Pasquale, but… all Ajax players are expensive because of the high prices. So I decided to reinforce him with Ciprian Tătărușanu, who I could buy rather cheaply this time.

Will this be a good thing or a bad thing? I’m looking forward to the games ahead.

MF: Ibrahim Sangaré (PSV)


This is the player who won the reward for Sorare WEEK #214 (Tier 1).

He has always been a full-time starter and has a high score of over 60, so we’re looking forward to seeing more of him.

So without further ado, let’s get on with selecting the players from the cards we have for the weekend’s games!

Sorare #216 Rare Card Players

This week we have a lot of matches between our cards and a lot of away matches, so it was very difficult to choose the players.

After thinking about it, we decided not to concentrate our main players in one game, but to spread out our main players to some extent.

It’s a strategy that allows us to participate in more leagues, and it’s completely based on luck!

Champions Europe D3

Sorare #216 レアカード出場選手チャンピオン ヨーロッパ D3
  • GK: Ciprian Tătărușanu (AC Milan)
  • DF: Dayo Upamecano (Bayern) *Captain
  • MF: Axel Witsel (Dortmund)
  • FW: Blair Embolo (Borussia MG)
  • Free: Karim Benzema (Real Madrid)

GK: Ciprian Tătărușanu (AC Milan)


I was torn between the cards I had in hand and Mark Flekken, but Freiburg is away to the strongest side in Bayern. But Freiburg is away to the best team in the world, Bayern, and they will probably score more than one goal. So I’m going with my new signing, Ciprian Tătărușanu.

The next game is at home against third-placed Inter Milan.

The average score in the last five games has been 49, so it’s going to be a tough game, but I hope we can achieve a score above 50.

DF: Dayo Upamecano (Bayern)


Upamecano has scored an incredible 72 goals in his last five games.

Next up is a home game against third-placed Freiburg.

I’m sure he’ll do just as well as expected.

MF: Axel Witsel (Dortmund)


Dortmund are away to 8th placed Leipzig in the next round.

Witsel hasn’t scored a high of 60 or more for a while… but we hope he explodes once in a while.

There are only two super rare cards, so it’s hard to choose a player…

FW: Blair Embolo (Borussia MG)


Embolo hasn’t scored in the league for a while.

Next game is away to 9th place Hoffenheim.

Embolo! We’ll be relegated if you don’t play your part!

The second division Zweite Liga is not covered by Sorare, so please don’t just relegate us.

Free: Karim Benzema (Real Madrid)


Karim Benzema scored twice against Shakhtar Donetsk in the Champions League.

Benzema is showing no signs of ageing and we can always expect more from him.

He is a player who has shown no signs of slowing down.

Challenge Europe D4

チャレンジ ヨーロッパ D4
  • GK: Sinan Bolat (KAA Ghent)
  • DF: Noussair Mazraoui (Ajax) *Captain
  • MF: Rafa (Benfica)
  • FW: Daan Rots (Twente)
  • Extra: Weigl (Benfica)

These are the five players who will take part in WEEK #216 – Challenge Europe D4.

We have gathered the players with the most home matches.

We are expecting two players from Benfica.

GK: Sinan Bolat (KAA Gent)


Sinan Bolat has conceded two goals in a row.

Next up is an away game against 16th placed Serran United.

They are a sluggish and not very attacking team, so I am sure they will keep a clean sheet.

DF: Noussair Mazraoui(Ajax) *Captain


Mazlawi’s side had a poor Champions League campaign, dropping to a lowly 30 points.

Next up is a home game against eighth-placed Go Ahead.

I hope he will show some signs of recovery. He is captain with high expectations.

MF: Rafa (Benfica)


It’s been a while since Rafa has been used. He had a poor game against Bayern in the Champions League, scoring just 26.

Next up is a home game against fourth-placed Braga.

They are a tough opponent, but I hope they score for the first time in a long time!

FW: Daan Rots (Twente)


Daan Rots is still a youngster at just 19 years old, although his average score is still a sluggish 42.

He has been used as a starter, so I hope he gains experience now and moves to a big club.

We’re hoping he scores for the first time in a while too!

Free: Weigl (Benfica)


Although he wasn’t used in the Champions League against Bayern, he has averaged over 50 goals in the league.

Together with Rafa, he should smash Braga!

We’re counting on you!

All-Star (D4) Players

WEEK216 オールスターD4 出場選手
  • GK: Mark Flekken (Freiburg)
  • DF: Fabio Santos (Corinthians)
  • MF: Nicolò Barella (Inter)
  • FW: Roger Guedes (Corinthians) *Captain
  • Free: Kylian Mbappe (Paris Saint-Germain)

These are the five players who will take part in WEEK #216 – All-Star D4.

We have decided to use the remaining players for the All Star.

We wanted to use Will Bruin (Rare Card) from Major League Soccer as an extra, but we found out that he has just had an operation on his foot. So he will be handicapped by -44%, but we decided to go for Mbappe.

In this All-Star Game, I will aim to get a score of 200 or more (0.01 ETH) without any problems.

The players in Division 5 are as follows

Sorare #215 Limited Card Players

Champion Europe D5

Sorare #215 出場選手チャンピオンヨーロッパ D5
  • GK: Anthony Lopes (Lyon)
  • DF: Akhraf Hakimi (Paris Saint-Germain)
  • MF: Yuori Tielemans (Leicester City), captain
  • FW: Taiwo Awoniyi (Union Berlin)
  • Free: Salemarkers (AC Milan)

These are the same players from the last edition of Sorare WEEK 215.

Challenge Europe D5

sorare week 216 チャレンジヨーロッパ D5
  • GK: Justin Bijlow (Feyenoord)
  • DF: Jurriën Timber (Ajax) *Captain
  • MF: Ibrahim Sangare (PSV)
  • FW: Junya Ito (Genk)
  • Free: Jan Vertonghen (Benfica)

Challenge Europe D5 with new signing Ibrahim Sangare.

He got a tier 3 card in our last Sorare WEEK 215, so we’re hoping for a higher finish this week!

That’s it for the players in Sorare WEEK 216!

Let’s have a great weekend in Sorare!

See you there!




Results of Sorare WEEK #216

All Star D4 Results

Sorare WEEK #216の結果オールスターD4
  • GK: Mark Flekken (Freiburg): 67.2
  • DF: Fabio Santos (Corinthians): 75.7
  • MF: Nicolò Barella (Inter): 46.8
  • FW: Roger Guedes (Corinthians) *Captain: 72.7
  • Free: Kylian Mbappe (Paris Saint-Germain): 48.1

Result: 1018th place out of 13372 players

Total score: 310 with 0.02 ETH

Champions Europe D3 results

Sorare WEEK #216の結果チャンピオン ヨーロッパ D3
  • GK: Ciprian Tătărușanu (AC Milan): 69.4
  • DF: Dayo Upamecano (Bayern) *Captain: 89.5
  • MF: Axel Witsel (Dortmund): 32.7
  • FW: Breel-Donald Embolo (Borussia MG): 51.5
  • Free: Karim Benzema (Real Madrid): 69.1

Result: 135th place out of 489 players

No reward

Challenge Europe D4 results

Sorare WEEK #216の結果チャレンジ ヨーロッパ D4
  • GK: Sinan Bolat (KAA Gent): 71.9
  • DF: Noussair Mazraoui (Ajax) *Captain: 87.3
  • MF: Rafa (Benfica): 92.1
  • FW: Daan Rots (Twente): 43.4
  • Extra: Weigl (Benfica): 59.4

Result: 81st place out of 1946 players

Get your Tier 3 rare card!

Champions Europe D5 results

チャンピオン ヨーロッパ D5
  • GK: Anthony Lopes (Lyon): 39.9
  • DF: Akhraf Hakimi (Paris Saint-Germain): 26.7
  • MF: Yuori Tielemans (Leicester City), captain: 49.1
  • FW: Taiwo Awoniyi (Union Berlin): 28.2
  • Free: Alexis Saelemaekers (AC Milan): 27.3

Result: 2343rd place out of 3396 players

No reward

Challenge Europe D5 results

sorare week 216チャレンジ ヨーロッパ D5の結果
  • GK: Justin Bijlow (Feyenoord)
  • DF: Jurriën Timber (Ajax) *Captain
  • MF: Ibrahim Sangare (PSV)
  • FW: Junya Ito (Genk)
  • Free: Brenden Aaronson (Salzburg)

Result: 70th place out of 3282 players

We got a Tier 2 Limited card!

The card I got in Sorare WEEK #216

Get a rare card of Matthijs Samoise!


Mathis Samoise is a 19 year old midfielder from KAA Ghent.

He’s still young and we’ll keep him for a while to see what he can do.

Get a limited card of Kerim Mourabti


Kerim Mourabouti is a 27-year-old Belgian footballer who plays for KV Mechelen.

He has scored 5 goals in 13 league games so far, but I wonder if I should sell him….

That’s the result of Sorare WEEK #216.

Sorare WEEK #217 is off for the national team week.

We’ll see you next time in Sorare WEEK #218!

See you soon!


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