Here are the results of my Rookie League challenge with the normal card I got when I signed up for Sorare!

I just signed up for Sorare yesterday.

When you register, you get 10 normal cards.

Here are the normal cards I got.

Sorare Normal Card List

  • Gianluigi Donnarumma (France: Paris Saint-Germain) GK
  • Yuta Matsumura (Japan: Kashima Antlers) MF
  • Hiroto Yamada (Japan: Cerezo Osaka) FW
  • Teerasin Daender (Japan: Yokohama Marinos) Defender
  • Cady Valle (Espanyol, Spain) MF
  • Jesús Navas (Sevilla, Spain) Defender
  • Janis Blasvig (Netherlands: Hercules) Goalkeeper
  • Vassala Sambo (Hannover, Germany) FW
  • Kylian Mbappe (France: Paris Saint-Germain) FW
  • Nacho (Spain: Real Madrid) Defender
  • Park Ik-kyung (Japan: Sagan Tosu) Goalkeeper
  • Habib Keita (France: Lyon) MF

I’ve got 12 cards.
(Maybe I got it as a bonus or something, I can’t remember)

If you look at the 12 cards, you’ll see that Donnarumma and Mbappe are among the current players.

I don’t know what they’re doing these days, but they’re doing well.

I don’t know what they’ve been up to lately, but I’m excited because I know a lot of these players’ names.

It’s time to enter the competition.


Sorare Starter League Rookie

These are the five players I’ve chosen to start.

Sorare Starter League Rookie squad

  • GK: Gianluigi Donnarumma
  • DF: Nacho
  • DF: Jesús Navas (Extar)
  • MF: Khedi Valle
  • FW: Kylian Mbappe

Anyway, I didn’t know the rules, so I just picked 5 players whose names I knew.

It’s like playing in an all-star game.

With so many famous players, we should be able to win, right? I thought.

The result.

The result of the Sorare Starter League Rookie


I was ranked 212600 with 232.47 points.

What? No way!

I couldn’t believe my eyes for a second.

With Donnarumma and Mbappe, why are we so low in the table? Let’s take a look at the reasons, one by one.

What caused the Sorare Starter League Rookie disaster?

Gianluigi Donnarumma

It’s not the first time we’ve lost to a lower ranked team (Rennes) by 0-2.

Points: 35

  • Decisive Score: 35.0
  • All Around Score: 0.2
  • Yellow Card (1): -3.0
  • Possession Lost (4): -1.2
  • Missed Pass (4): -0.8
  • Accurate Long Balls (1): 0.2
  • Saves (2): 4.0
  • Saved Ibox (1): 1.0

I see! So this is what it means to reflect the result of a game.

Possession Lost (4) means you lost the ball 4 times?

I don’t know, I didn’t see the game, but from the score it must have been awful…



Real Madrid, the leaders, also lost 1-2 to a lower ranked team (Espanyol).

Am I a plague…?

Points: 46

  • Decisive Score: 35.0
  • All Around Score: 11.2
  • Fouls (1): -1.0
  • Goals Conceded (2): -4.0
  • Effective Clearance (3): 1.5
  • Duel Lost (4): -8.0
  • Interception Won (2): 6.0
  • Duel Won (3): 4.5
  • Possession Lost (4): -4.0
  • Possession Won (4): 2.0
  • Accurate Pass (60): 6.0
  • Long Pass Into Opposition (9): 4.5
  • Successful Final Third Passes (5): 2.5
  • Total Attempted Assist (1): 2.0
  • Missed Passes (4): -0.8

Despite losing the game, he played the full match and got a decent result.
Let’s look forward to the next game.

Jesús Navas.


We lost to Granada, a team we haven’t won a single game against.

I think I’m a real pestilence…

Points: 32

  • Decisive Score: 25.0
  • All Around Score: 6.7
  • Possession Lost (10): -10.0
  • Duel Lost (3): -6.0
  • Possession Won (2): 1.0
  • Total Attempted Assist (3): 6.0
  • Successful Final Third Passes (11): 5.5
  • Accurate Pass (33): 3.3
  • Big Chance Created (1): 3.0
  • Missed Passes (3): -0.6
  • Accurate Long Balls (1): 0.5
  • Penalty Area Entries (8): 4.0

Possession Lost (10) means you’ve lost the ball 10 times?

That’s a loss….

That’s what you get when you play in the middle.

Kylian Mbappe


We picked five players and four of them lost the game.

Even Mbappe’s number is this low.

Points: 35

  • Decisive Score: 35.0
  • All Around Score: 0.1
  • Yellow Card (1): -3.0
  • Duel Lost (4): -2.0
  • Duel Won (4): 2.0
  • Possession Lost (12): -1.2
  • Accurate Pass (30): 3.0
  • Total Attempted Assist (1): 2.0
  • Successful Final Third Passes (18): 1.8
  • Big Chance Missed (1): -5.0
  • Penalty Area Entries (3): 1.5
  • Won Contest (2): 1.0

Big Chance Missed (1): -5.0 points will be deducted for missing a big chance.

Now we know that famous players don’t necessarily get more points.

Keidi Bare.


The only player to win the game was Espanyol’s Keidi Bare.

He played the full match and scored a lot of points.

Points: 73

  • Decisive Score: 60.0
  • All Around Score: 13.2
  • Was Fouled (1): 0.5
  • Won Tackle (2): 6.0
  • Goals Conceded (1): -2.0
  • Outfielder Block (1): 1.0
  • Possession Lost (8): -4.0
  • Duel Lost (6): -3.0
  • Duel Won (5): 2.5
  • Possession Won (4): 2.0
  • Interception Won (1): 2.0
  • Big Chance Created (1): 3.0
  • Accurate Pass (29): 2.9
  • Total Attempted Assist (1): 2.0
  • Missed Pass (4): -0.8
  • Successful Final Third Passes (2): 0.6
  • Accurate Long Balls (1): 0.5

Just looking at the players we’ve seen so far has been awful, so you can see that they’ve played well.

If you get one tackle, you get an extra 3.0 points.

This is interesting.

Here’s a look at the best players of the day.

Sorare WEEK #206 Best Players

Sorare WEEK #206 ベストプレイヤー

I don’t know any of these players at all…

The best player of the day is Yoshinari Komai of Consadole Sapporo, with 100 points.

His average over the last five games is high, so keep an eye out for him.

Thoughts on the Sorare Rookie League

This was my first time in the league and it wasn’t a beginner’s luck for me.

We lost badly to Himadin FC…

But we learned a lot from this game.

It’s not always the famous players that do well, or get the most points.

In the end, it was important to play a full game, to win and to play well.

If a player doesn’t make the starting line-up, he loses half of his points, so it’s important to choose a player who can consistently make the starting line-up.


It’s very interesting and deep.

Next time I’ll try to bid for some cards in the auction and challenge Global All Star D5.

See you soon!


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