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Sorare GW #229 COVID-19 influence on the leagues of European countries…

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Hello there.

This is Himajin FC.

The COVID-19 seemed to have settled down, but they are starting to rage again in Europe….

Gradually, it’s starting to affect the whole of European football.

Real Madrid players infected with COVID-19?

Real Madrid’s main players, including Marcelo, Modric, Bale, Rodrigo and Asensio, were infected with COVID-19.

Fortunately, Benzema, who I hold in my sorare, has not been reported to be infected yet. However, if the disease is spreading so quickly, other players should not be surprised.

In the Premier League, several games have already been postponed, and as someone who enjoys watching sorare every week, I’m not sure what to think.

Let’s just hope that the league doesn’t get interrupted after the winter break.

So, without further ado, let’s start with a recap of the last week.

Results and recap of Sorare GW #228

No reward for Sorare GW #228!

Overall, it was a very reflective experience.

I think the biggest regret is that I played Gregor Kobel and Jude Bellingham in the U-23s.

Gregor Kobel, the goalkeeper, was absent due to illness, and Jude Bellingham was suspended for accumulation of warnings, but we didn’t know that.

Two of the players were DNPs because they did not get the information they were looking for on Twitter.

Another player, Mazraoui of Ajax, was also used without knowing he was injured…

By the time @Sorare6sora, the person who inspired me to start sorare, told me about it, it was already too late…

At this rate, the card rewards will be a dream come true….

Next time, I’m going to use the app “365scores” that @Sorare6sora told me about and do some research before I play the game.

Thank you @Sorare6sora for everything. Thank you so much!

Reinforcement For William Saliba


As before, we have made another reinforcement.

He is an Arsenal defender, William Saliba.
He is currently on loan at Marseille.

He is only 20 years old. He is a big centre-back, 193 cm tall, who has been selected for each age group in France.

He has made 16 appearances for Marseille, who are currently second in the table, and is one of their most consistent defenders.

He has also averaged over 50 for Sorare this season and we believe he will do well at Himajin FC.

We’re counting on you, William Saliba!

So without further ado, let’s get to the player selection for Sorare GW #229.

The Sorare guide is here

Sorare GW #229 Rare Card Players

The first half of the German Bundesliga has come to an end, and due to the effects of the winter break, the number of players available was limited.

As we have a lot of Bundesliga cards here at sorare, it is sad to see that there will be no matches for almost three weeks.

To make matters worse, Nicolo Barella and Kylian Mbappe are suspended, both with accumulation warnings, which means they will not be available for the next game.

With Nicolo Barella and Kylian Mbappe, we would have been able to participate in the Champions Europe and the All-Star Games, but due to the lack of players, we could only participate in the All-Star Games.

The card rewards will be hard to come by, so let’s aim for 0.02 ETH.

All-Star D4 Players

Sorare GW 229_allstar_rareD4
  • GK: Bono (Sevilla)
  • DF: William Saliba (Marseille)
  • MF: Simon Gustafsson (Utrecht)
  • FW: Simeone Giovanni (Hellas Verona) *Captain
  • Free: Karim Benzema (Real Madrid)

These are the five players who will take part in the All-Star D4.

The other goalkeeper we could have chosen was AC Milan’s Tătărușanu, but it’s unlikely he will play. Sevilla’s absolute goalkeeper, Bono, will be used.

In defence, we had Marcel Tisserand and Mazraoui as options, but Tisserand didn’t play in the last game and Mazraoui is injured. We have to choose William Saliba.

In MF, Barella is suspended, and we could have chosen Omur, but Omur hasn’t been able to start in the last two games, so we went with Simon Gustafsson.

In FW, Mbappe is suspended with a cumulative warning…. So we’ll start Simeone Giovanni from Hellas Verona.

For the free-kick, I’m going with Benzema! Let’s just hope he doesn’t contract COVID-19.

GK: Bono (Sevilla)


In the last game against Atletico Madrid, Sevilla conceded one goal and the score was 41.

Next up is a home game against 7th placed Barcelona.

Barcelona are still struggling to get back to their best… But I’m sure Bono will be able to keep them scoreless.

DF: William Saliba (Marseille)


In the last game against Strasbourg, they won 2-0, but the score was a sluggish 50.

The next game will be against 14th placed Reims.

This will be my first game for Himajin FC, and I’m sure I’ll be a high scorer.

MF: Simon Gustafsson (Utrecht)


In the last game against Fortuna, we drew 2-2- with a score of 51.

Next up is a home game against fourth-placed Twente.

This will also be his first time in charge of Himajin FC and I hope he will get an assist and record a high score.

FW: Simeone Giovanni (Hellas Verona)


In the last game against Torino, we were not good enough and the score was 40.

Next up is a home game against sixth-placed Fiorentina.

The next game is at home to sixth-placed Fiorentina, and we’ll be looking forward to an ace battle with Dusan Vlahovic!

I’ve named him captain in the hope of scoring a goal this time.

Free: Karim Benzema (Real Madrid)


The last game against Cadiz ended in a 0-0 draw, with a score of 58.

The next game will be away to 16th placed Getafe.

We’re worried about COVID-19 impact on the team, but I hope we can score again this week and get a high score.

Please don’t give us a DNP.

With the above members, we are going to challenge the Sorare GW 229.

Next time we’ll get the card reward!

Let’s have a great Christmas at Sorare!

See you soon!


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