Sorare 2021 earnings to be released

I’ve been working with Sorare for about a month now.

I’ve somehow learned how to use it and now I’m finally getting some rewards.

I have to say that Sorare is a really fun game if you like football.

In this article, we’ll show you our earnings from Sorare, month by month.

Sorare October Earnings

Etherim Reward

0.02 ETH

I was able to get 0.02 ETH by recording a total score of 349 in All Star Division 4 of Sorare Week 212.

Although the amount of reward is small, I was quite happy because it was my first reward.

Card Rewards

Will Bruin

Will Bruin

Will Bruin is a former USA international who plays for the Seattle Sounders.

He finished 311th in the All-Star Division 4 of Sorare Week 212 and got a Tier 3 player.

Mario Sonleitner


Sonleitner plays for Hultberg in the Austrian Bundesliga.

He finished in 241st place in the Sorare Week 212 Challenge Europe D5 and received a Tier 3 player.

That’s it for October’s rewards.

In October, I was so busy reinforcing my players and learning how to use Sorare that I didn’t think about strategy at all, I just participated in the games.

Now that I’ve got some more players, I’ll be working hard in November to get even more money.

See you all in November for the earnings reveal!


Sorare November Earnings

Ethereum Reward

0.12 ETH

We were able to earn Ethereum rewards consistently in November.

We will continue to target Ethereum rewards in December.

Card Rewards

Matisse Samoise


We got a Tier 3 Matisse Samoise (KAA Ghent) in Sorare WEEK #216.

Marcel Tisserand


Get the Tier 3 Marcel Tisserand (Fenerbahce) in Sorare WEEK #222.

Ibrahim Sangare


Get the Tier 1 Ibrahim Sangare (PSV) in Sorare WEEK #214.

Markus Pink

Get the Tier 2 player Markus Pink (Klagenfurt) in Sorare WEEK #215.

Kerim Mrabti


Get the Tier 2 Kerim Mrabti (KV Mechelen) in Sorare WEEK #216.

Aleksandr Selikhov


Get the Tier 2 Aleksandr Selikhov(Spartak Moscow) in Sorare WEEK #220.

In November, we got regular card rewards.

It’s not easy to get a top prize. Once again, we have realized how difficult it is to predict football.

We were able to reinforce some players this month, so we will try our best to get more than tier 1 card rewards in December.

So we’ll see you back here in the December earnings reveal!

Sorare December Earnings

Ethereum Reward

0.07 ETH

I was not able to earn much Ethereum reward in December.

I would like to try to get Ethereum reward every time next year.

Card Rewards

Vladimir Dalida


Vladimir Dalida plays for Hertha Berlin.

I got him in the Sorare GW 227 Champions Europe Division 4.

That’s it for December.

It’s been three months since I started playing sorare.

We haven’t achieved the results we wanted yet, but we’ve managed to reinforce our squad to a certain extent, so we’ll be looking for more card rewards in 2022.

See you again in January 2022 for the earnings reveal!