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2021-22 Premier League title predictions! Will Manchester City win it all?


The content includes my personal subjective opinion.
Please note that this is only a forecast and should only be considered as a reference.
(This is as of 1 March 2022)

Do you want to know which team will win the Premier League and who are the favourites to win it? The Premier League has played two thirds of its games, although the number of games has varied due to Corona. With two thirds of the league’s games completed, the field of favourites has been narrowed down. Here are our predictions for this season’s Premier League champions, along with our predictions for the CL, if you fancy a look.

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Who are the favourites to win the Premier League?

As it turns out, Manchester City are the favourites to win the Premier League in the 21-22 season, as of late February they are in first place with 66 points after 27 games. As of late February, they are in first place in the table with 66 points after 27 games, and many fans are predicting that Manchester City will win the league.

Why do you think Manchester City will win?

There are two reasons why I think Manchester City will win the Premier League.

Firstly, they have the least amount of points on the board, with a record of 21 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses after 27 games. Second-placed Liverpool, on the other hand, have a record of 18 wins, 2 draws and 6 losses from 26 games. Despite the fact that they have lost one more game than us, they have won more games than us, with fewer draws, which means that they are ahead of us.

At the moment, Manchester City have a winning percentage of around 77%, compared to 69% for second-placed Liverpool. For example, on February 27th against Everton, Manchester City showed that they can win. For example, on 27 February against Everton, they showed that they can win games. Manchester City’s strength is that they can win games that could have been draws.

They are not overwhelmingly ahead of the second-placed team, so the key to victory is to keep the points coming. The second reason is that they have a good chance of winning the title.

The second reason is their future opponents, and if you compare the future opponents of Manchester City (1st) and Liverpool (2nd), Liverpool have more chances to play the big six. Manchester City have only two teams, Manchester United and Liverpool. Liverpool, on the other hand, have to play four teams – Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City and Tottenham. As mentioned above, it’s important to keep the losses to a minimum, so Liverpool are at a disadvantage because they have the tougher opponents left.

Of course, Manchester City are not alone in this. But for these two reasons, we think they have the best chance of winning the Premier League.

Who else has a chance?

You may be wondering if any other team has a chance of winning the Premier League other than Manchester City. So, we’re going to take a look at the chances of Liverpool, who are currently second in the table as of late February, and Chelsea, who are third.

Let’s take a look at each of them.

Chances of Liverpool winning

There is still a chance that Liverpool will win the title. As mentioned above, they are six points clear after 26 games. However, they have one game in hand, so if they win that game they will be three points clear. This is the only team that can compete with Manchester City.

What Liverpool need to do to win is to win their head-to-head matches. If they do, they will be level on points.
If the points are equal, it is the goal difference that determines the ranking. At the moment Liverpool have a better goal difference than us, which means that we can overtake them in the standings if we continue with the same figures. This means that if we can win our head-to-head games, we have a good chance of overturning the table.

Of course, it is also important that we continue to win our other matches. Of course, it is also important to keep winning the other games, but the key to victory will be to win these head-to-head matches.

On the other hand, dropping points in the other games or losing in the head-to-head match-ups will reduce their chances of winning the championship. If Manchester City continue to win, Liverpool only need to draw one game to go five points clear. If Manchester City continue to win, Liverpool would only need to draw one game to be five points behind. 5 points means that Manchester City would have to lose two games to overturn the gap. This means that if Manchester City lose even a single game, it will be difficult to win the championship.

However, as of late February, Liverpool have won their last six league games in a row. Manchester City have won 4, lost 1 and lost 1. Therefore, Liverpool still have a chance.

Chelsea’s chances of winning

Chelsea’s chances of winning the title are quite slim, as they are currently third in the table.
After 25 games, Chelsea have 14 wins, 3 draws and 8 losses and have 50 points, 16 points behind leaders Manchester City, who have 66 points after 27 games. If Manchester City were to lose five games, Chelsea would still be one point behind them.

Even if Manchester City lose five games, they will still be just one point behind Chelsea, so it is unlikely that Manchester City, who have lost three games in the first two thirds of the league, will lose five in the last eleven. So Chelsea’s chances of winning the championship are slim to none.

However, we do think they can finish in the top four of the CL. West Ham, who are not in the CL, have 45 points and are 5 points behind Chelsea. However, Chelsea have two games in hand, so the gap is actually even wider. Therefore, barring any major upsets, Chelsea have a very good chance of finishing in the top four in the league.

Which teams will be in the CL?

As well as the race for the title, there is also the race for the CL. As of late February, Manchester City and Liverpool are almost certain to finish in the top four in the Premier League. As of late February, Manchester City and Liverpool were almost certain, with Chelsea in third and Wolves in eighth vying for the remaining two places. However, Chelsea are the clear favourites for the remaining two spots, with the rest of the field up for grabs.

Here are the favourites for that one spot

  • Arsenal
  • Manchester United


Arsenal are the favourites to finish in the CL. Arsenal are the favourites because they have the best winning percentage of all the teams in the race for the last spot. Arsenal have a winning percentage of 58% compared to the 48% of Manchester United, who are currently fourth in the CL.

Also, Arsenal have played fewer games than any other team. They have played 24 games and have 45 points, whereas Manchester United have played 27 games and have 47 points. If Arsenal were to win all their remaining games, they would be 54 points clear at the top of the table.

It will be up to them to do well against Chelsea, Tottenham and United.

Manchester United

Manchester United are currently fourth in the table and in the CL. The key to Manchester United’s survival in the CL is a series of games in March and a direct clash with Arsenal.

There are four tough games in March, against Manchester City, Tottenham, Atletico and Liverpool. How you manage your team in these games and how many points you get will be important. A win against Tottenham is a must, especially as they are in contention for the CL.

They also have a head-to-head with their biggest rivals in the CL, Arsenal. If they can win that game, they will be able to finish in the top four. If we lose too many points in those league games, it will be very difficult for us to finish in the CL.

In the Premier League, fourth place is usually achieved on around 70 points. So Manchester United will need to win seven or eight of their remaining 11 games. In the last couple of weeks, we’ve lost a few points, including draws against relegation-bound Watford and Burnley. The key is to get through the tough games and pick up some points.


So, what do you think? Manchester City is the first choice to win the Premier League this season. But Liverpool are still in with a chance of winning the league, so stay tuned for more action as the two teams go head to head on April 11.


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