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2021-22 La Liga championship predictions! Is Real Madrid likely to win the championship?

2021-22 ラ・リーガ優勝予想!優勝はレアルマドリードが濃厚か?

*The content includes personal subjective views.
It is only a forecast and should be considered as a reference only.
(These contents are current as of 8 March 2022)

Do you want to know what is expected to win La Liga and wonder which teams have the potential to do so? La Liga is now firmly in the winner’s circle with 11 games remaining this season. In this article, we explain the teams expected to win La Liga. We also predict the teams in the battle for CL rights, so please take a look.

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What teams are predicted to win La Liga?

In conclusion, the team predicted to win La Liga is Real Madrid.

As of early March, they are ranked first in the standings.

By many people, Real Madrid will be predicted to win the 21-22 season.

Reasons for predicting Real Madrid to win the championship

There are three reasons why we predict Real Madrid as winners.

The first is the current points difference: after 27 games, Real Madrid have 63 points, with second-placed Sevilla on 55, a difference of eight points – a difference that could be reversed with three Real Madrid defeats and three Sevilla wins. However, Real Madrid have only lost two of their 27 games. It is unlikely that that team can overturn the eight-point gap with 11 games remaining.

Secondly, they have the strength to win difficult games. One example is the match against Rayo on 27 February. Real Madrid had 13 shots on target compared to Rayo’s 19, despite dominating possession with 66% of the ball. However, they were able to win 1-0 thanks to a goal by FW Benzema in the 83rd minute. Being able to get three points in a match that could have been won is a very important factor for winning the championship. Real Madrid, with this strength, will be closer to winning the championship than other teams.

The third reason is that there are many other teams to take away. The team currently competing with Real Madrid will be second-placed Sevilla. And this Sevilla is a team with many draws. They have the same number of defeats as Real Madrid, two, but their draws have opened up a gap between them and the leaders. Thus, Real Madrid are predicted to win the championship if things go their way, as the other teams are not closing in on them.


There are two concerns that could prevent Real Madrid from winning the championship.

The first is how to play the Champions League (CL). Ancelotti is said to be a coach who does not do much turnover. Therefore, if he overworks his players when the schedule becomes difficult, it could lead to a number of injuries.

And the second concern is Benzema’s injury. Benzema is the core of the current team. It is even said that the team would change without Benzema. If Benzema were to get injured due to fatigue caused by the overcrowded schedule as mentioned above, the team’s winds could change.

If the above two concerns cause the team to underperform, it is quite possible that the standings could be reversed.

Are there possibilities for other teams?

As of early March, many are wondering whether second-placed Sevilla or third-placed Barcelona have any chance of winning the championship. So here we predict and explain the chances of Sevilla and Barcelona winning the championship. Let’s take a look at each of them.

Sevilla’s chances of winning the championship

Sevilla still has a chance of winning the championship. This is because, as mentioned earlier, they have a point difference that can be overturned if Real Madrid have a poor run of form. If they win the head-to-head with the leaders, they will be five points clear. Of course, it won’t be easy, but depending on Sevilla’s form, they could still be in the hunt.

Sevilla’s overwhelming defensive prowess is also their strength, and they have conceded the fewest goals this season in the league. This strength has resulted in them losing fewer games. Teams with a strong defence are less likely to suffer a major collapse. As a result, they are unlikely to drop out of the championship race prematurely.

One concern, however, is the lack of scoring. As mentioned above, Sevilla are a team that often draws, and this is due to their lack of goalscoring ability: after 27 games, they have scored 39 goals, the lowest figure among the top five teams. If the lack of goals continues to increase the number of draws in the future, their chances of winning the championship will narrow.

Barcelona’s chances of winning the championship

Third-placed Barcelona are unlikely to win the championship. They have played one game less than the other teams, but even if they win the unplayed matches, they are still 12 points behind the leaders. Generally speaking, it is difficult to overturn the points difference once it exceeds the number of games remaining. It is therefore not very realistic to overturn a 12-point gap with 11 games remaining.

Even if Real Madrid were to collapse and overturn the points difference, Sevilla would most likely be in first place by then. Based on the above, we predict that Barcelona will find it difficult to win this season.

Predicting the teams that will be in the CL

In addition to the predicted La Liga winner, some may be wondering which team will win the CL rights. In La Liga, the teams that finish fourth will qualify for next season’s CL. Real Madrid, currently in first place, and Sevilla, currently in second place, will probably be firm favourites to win CL rights. Therefore, the remaining two slots will be contested by other teams.

The three teams expected to compete for the two slots are

  • Barcelona
  • Atletico Madrid
  • Betis.


Barcelona is a step ahead of the other teams in the battle for CL places. As mentioned above, a win in the unclaimed minutes would give them 51 points with the number of games played level, three points above fourth-placed Atletico Madrid.

And it’s not just the points, the team’s form is also on the up. They have won their last three league games and four in a row against Napoli in the EL. A win in the head-to-head with Betis would take them much closer to CL qualification.

Atletico Madrid.

Atletico Madrid are in fourth place with 48 points after 27 games, two points behind fifth-placed Betis. The team is also in good form, having won four of their last five games, with a head-to-head win over Betis, while fifth-placed Betis are in a less favourable team situation, with two wins and three defeats in their last five games. Therefore, Atletico Madrid is the second best team in the current situation.

Atletico Madrid’s main concern is the CL. The biggest point for Atletico Madrid will be to balance the CL with the league, as they are aiming to go up in the competition.


Betis are in fifth place with 46 points after 27 matches. As mentioned above, they are not in great form, having lost three of their last five matches. However, with two points separating them from fourth place, they can easily turn the table upside down.

The key for Betis to qualify for the CL is to win the games against the lower ranked sides and the head-to-head with Barcelona. If Betis can beat Barcelona, the race for CL rights will become even more confusing and any of the three teams could win it.

Betis have also lost more often than the other teams at the top of the table. Therefore, it will be important to bring at least a draw and pick up a point.

And like Atletico Madrid, Betis still have the EL tournament to play for. Whether they prioritise the tournament or the league will also determine whether they get into the CL or not.

Summary of La Liga championship predictions

How was it? Real Madrid are the most likely winners of La Liga. However, second-placed Sevilla may have a chance, as they are also aiming to win the CL.

With 11 games to go, it will be interesting to see how the race for the La Liga title unfolds.


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